100% Commercial-based and the only commercial information exchange in the state!

What is ICREX?

The Indiana Commercial Real Estate Exchange is a resource and marketing tool for members, affiliates and commercial real estate practitioners. It’s the only property listing service that allows subscribers to advertise all of their properties for sale or lease on a national platform for a flat fee. ICREX is a service provided by ICBR. Certain levels of ICBR membership receive a free ICREX Basic Access subscription, with limited service. All levels of ICBR membership have the option to upgrade to an ICREX Full Access subscription for an additional fee.

Who can subscribe to ICREX?

  • ICBR members (REALTOR® members, Corporate Affiliates, Economic Development Corporations and IA Plus members).
  • REALTORS® and brokers who belong to a local board that is part of the ICREX Commercial Society.
  • Out of state REALTORS®.
  • Non-REALTOR® licensed brokers.

How can ICREX help my business?

ICREX is more than just a listing site, it is a comprehensive marketing tool for you and your properties. Dedicated strictly to commercial real estate, the site brings in the traffic you want and need. Full Access subscribers can access comps, market data and marketing tools.

What is the difference between Basic Users and Full Access Subcribers?

ICREX Basic Access subscriptions have limited features in comparison to the ICREX Full Access subscriptions. ICREX Full Access subscriptions allow property listings to reach a broader audience, and give users exclusive access to ICREX’s Sale and Lease Comparable database and Building and Land Records database. You learn more about the differences by reading the Benefits Chart, or in your new member packet. For additional information about ICREX, contact the ICREX Administrator at ICREX@myICBR.org.

Who can view my listings?

The public may search ICREX property listings and subscribers for free. However, only Full Access Subscriber listings are available. Basic User listings will appear in searches, but the details provided are limited.

What is the difference between ICREX and a search engine like Zillow?

Data. ICREX Full Access Subscribers have access to comprehensive sales/lease comparables and building/land records dating back to 2008. All data is collected from and verified by the state of Indiana, making ICREX the most accurate database available. In addition to these data tools, ICREX provides marketing reports and statistics as well as access to the REALIST database and RPR Commercial.

Is ICREX mobile friendly?

Yes! ICREX is set up with adaptive viewing for mobile phones and tablets. Subscribers may also opt-in to receive instant inquiries via SMS/text message.

How does a broker use ICREX?

As a commercial information exchange, brokers use ICREX as a tool to post properties for sale or lease. However, it is much more than a listing tool. ICREX offers the collection of property data, tools to manage and analyze that data, mapping features, demographics, high resolution photos, e-mail marketing and more.

How does the public use ICREX?

Unlike other commercial listing services, the public may search ICREX for free and without having to create an account. Full Access members’ listings are available to the public through many simple search and filter options. The public does not have access to any market data or information beyond listings. That is strictly a benefit to brokers using the CIE.

What tools does ICREX have to help me with my listings?

ICREX allows Basic users and Full Access subscribers to input an unlimited number of listings. Full Access Subscribers can then push these listings out to additional nation-wide sites. Subscribers can access sales and lease comparables, market statistics, customized reports and brochures, generate market analysis and utilize search engine optimized profiles with detailed resume and experience fields.

I'm an EDC or Corporate Affiliate, why do I care?

EDC members receive five (5) basic user accounts to ICREX with the ability to view all available properties and professionals listed. Get timely accurate information directly from the listing agents. EDC members also have the opportunity to purchase EDCLink which feeds available property listings onto your website.

Corporate Affiliate members also receive five (5) basic access accounts and placement in the ICBR Real Estate Services Directory. Any of these ICREX accounts can be upgraded to Full Access, giving you the ability to contact all ICREX subscribers through email.

I'm already a member of another Board of REALTORS®, do I have to join ICBR to get access to ICREX?

No. ICREX subscriptions are open to all licensed REALTORS® and non-REALTOR® brokers. Members of other boards may subscribe at a discounted rate if their board is a member of the ICREX Commercial Society. If you are not sure if your board belongs, speak to them today about joining.

What training is available for ICREX?

Can I add my own comps?

Yes. Subscribers of ICREX may enter their own comps. All data is also verified by and collected from the state of Indiana. Sales/lease comparables are updated quarterly and building/land records are updated annually.

Our company has too many listings to manually input them all...how can we get them into ICREX?

ICREX  allows new subscribers to do a one-time data dump. Catylist will import your existing listings, saving you the time of doing each listing one-by-one. From there, listings are yours to maintain and update on a monthly basis.

We use our company website to show listings. Can we link ICREX to our website?

Yes. Catylist, the platform provider for ICREX, offers additional products to help you with your business. SiteLink, a commercial real estate search engine, integrates active listings for specific agents or companies into your website without re-entering information. Everything is sync’d in real-time. This product is only available to ICREX subscribers.

What exposure can ICREX provide?

Full Access subscriber listings are pushed out to a statewide, national and international audience of more than 100,00 commercial real estate professionals through the 14 sites that make up Catylist’s National Distribution Network. In addition to that exposure, ICREX.net receives on average 4600 visits per month.

How do I subscribe?

For more information view the links below or contact the ICREX Administrator at ICREX@myICBR.org or (317) 328-5259.

ICREX Information & Applications:

ICREX Application 

 ICREX 2015 Fees Schedule

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