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Indiana License Law Information

Due to the changes to the state’s license laws, ICBR members who currently have a salesperson license will need to convert to a broker’s license over the next two years through a 24-hour transition course. Click here to get more information on Indiana’s license law reformation, and how it impacts commercial salespeople and brokers across the state.


Why do business in Indiana?

Your business isn’t going to thrive just anywhere. You need to find a climate that cultivates success, and that means favorable business costs, shovel-ready sites and a skilled workforce. Indiana has the business environment you need to branch out and the industry initiatives designed to stimulate growth, innovation and profits. Discover what some of the most successful companies in the world have found out about Indiana’s pro-business environment.


Indiana Economic Development Websites

Looking for an economic development corporation? Click here to view a listing of all Indiana economic development corporation websites arranged by ICBR district.