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License Law Update – Clarification

If you are a current broker whose license expires June 30, 2013, you have been awarded a one-year free extension on your license. Your license now expires June 30, 2014. However, you must still obtain your original CEU requirement of 16-CEU’s by June 30, 2014. In addition, you will be...

Know the Facts on the 3.8% Tax

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the health care legislation, all of its major provisions remain in effect, including the new tax that was designed to affect upper income taxpayers. The tax applies to investment income, defined as interest, dividends, capital gains and net rents. These items are all...

ICBR Planning Broker Transition Course

Due to the changes to the state’s license laws, ICBR members who currently have a salesperson license will need to convert to a broker’s license over the next two years through a 24-hour transition course. ICBR will host several of these courses for its members over the coming years, and...
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