Congratulations on completing your education requirements for the ICBR Commercial Real Estate Certificate Program! You are now ready to test to receive your certificate.



  • You must be logged in to begin the test. Do not navigate away from your test until you have submitted it, you CANNOT save your progress.
  • A passing grade is considered a 75% and above.
    • If you pass – please allow 7 business days for us to verify your result and email your certificate
    • If you do not pass on the first attempt – In order to retest, we will email a link to the $50 assessment fee. If you choose to retest, the assessment fee will allow you to test until you pass for the 60 days following receipt of the assessment fee.
  • The test is not compatible with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Please switch browsers before beginning.

If you need further assistance contact the ICBR office by email or call 317.328.5259.

Follow these steps to begin your test:

1. Login to your user account :  

2. Access the test by clicking this button: Commercial Certificate Test