What is CREA?
The Commercial Real Estate Alliance (CREA) was formed in 2016 to broaden the umbrella for commercial real estate professionals in Indiana. CREA has partnered with the Indiana Commercial Board of REALTORS® (ICBR) to provide CREA members access to member pricing for ICBR education and the Indiana Commercial Real Estate Exchange (ICREX).

Why does CREA exist?

CREA’s goal, together with ICBR, is to connect more commercial real estate practitioners across Indiana to provide exclusively commercial-related benefits and industry information, and to advocate for the commercial real estate profession.

What is the difference between ICBR and CREA membership?

ICBR membership is a three-tier membership providing access to benefits from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) and ICBR. ICBR members are also designated as REALTORS® and can use the REALTOR® brand. CREA members do not have access to NAR and IAR benefits and CREA members are not REALTORS®.

What does CREA membership include?

CREA members get the same pricing as ICBR members for ICBR education events and ICREX. CREA members also receive industry information via email and are invited to attend free quarterly networking events held in your local market.

Do I qualify for CREA membership

If you have a real estate license or are a commercial real estate professional, you qualify for CREA membership.

I want to be a REALTOR®, should I join CREA too?

No, ICBR REALTOR® members will automatically become CREA-IN members. If you want to retain access to NAR and IAR benefits (i.e. ZipForms, Legal Hotline), you will want to maintain your REALTOR® membership with ICBR.

What is the REALTOR® one-member-all-member policy?

The National Association of REALTORS® requires that if the managing broker is a REALTOR® member, all brokers under that managing broker must be a REALTOR® (or Institute Affiliate) member. A broker cannot become a REALTOR® member unless their managing broker is a REALTOR® member.

Does everyone in my office have to join CREA?

No, however, if one person in your office drops REALTOR® membership in lieu of CREA membership, the rest of the brokers in your office are no longer eligible for REALTOR® membership. See one-member-all-member policy above.

I am a current Primary REALTOR® member of ICBR and hold secondary membership with another Board of REALTORS. If I join CREA-IN instead, could I keep my secondary REALTOR® membership?

No. Your secondary membership in your local Board of REALTORS® is contingent on you holding Primary REALTOR® membership with ICBR. If you switch to CREA-IN membership, you will no longer be a Primary REALTOR member of ICBR and will no longer qualify to be a Secondary member of another Board of REALTORS®.

How do I change my current membership to CREA?

If you are interested in changing your path to the commercial real estate community, please contact ICBR at admin@myicbr.org.