ICBR Advocacy Statement

    • The Indiana Commercial Board of Realtors (ICBR) is a statewide organization of REALTORS® and related professionals who specialize in commercial property brokerage, management, and development. ICBR is the leading voice of commercial property professionals in Indiana.
    • ICBR supports legislation that promotes economic development throughout Indiana. We support full funding for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, local economic development offices, and regional economic development concerns.
    • ICBR encourages the redevelopment of abandoned or obsolete property, vacant land, and other projects. We encourage the remediation of contaminated or environmentally challenged property, and oppose any efforts to make such remediation more difficult.
    • ICBR supports the maintenance of Indiana’s highway, air and rail systems, as they are the lifelines by which commercial traffic travels throughout the state. While we support the idea of new highway projects to make transportation more efficient, we encourage State and local governments to consider such projects carefully so as to have a minimal impact on real estate, and to consider input from landowners and other citizens who may be affected by any new proposals.

ICBR Policy Statement

Interested in being a part of the ICBR Legislative Committee?

The ICBR Legislative Affairs Committee works to make ICBR an involved party and visible voice for commercial real estate practitioners to local and state legislators.

Legislative Committee Chair
Brad King
Charles C. Brandt Construction Co.