CREA/ICBR and Marketing Pro Series partnered to bring you an opportunity like no other: the chance to learn how to market yourself and your business, directly from a successful marketing professional.

Launch Marketing’s Marketing Pro Series quickly empowers business owners, founders or their teams to create customized, actionable marketing strategies that generate revenue and awareness—at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. The program includes a unique combination of on-demand, online courses, practical exercises, proven templates and one-on-one coaching from senior marketing experts.

The Marketing Pro Series is led by Christa Tuttle, Launch Marketing’s CEO. Christa and her team at Launch Marketing have helped over 200 business hit the ground running and brand themselves as a standout in their respective industries, and the team even won a few awards in the process.

The Marketing Pro Series is a step-by-step guide to building a foundation of brand messaging and positioning that drives action by target audiences for better business outcomes. Participants can expect:

  1. Six on-demand sessions (30 to 45 minutes each) with corresponding exercises covering:
    • Brand messaging and positioning essentials
    • Understanding and applying a brand messaging framework (three parts)
    • Creating visual and experiential branding
    • Maintaining brand messaging continuity (and allowing for adaptation)
  2. Comprehensive exercises and templates for support at every step in creating a branding strategy and actionable plan to begin executing and driving better business outcomes
  3. Two private sessions with a marketing coach

Interested in growing your business with lessons from the Marketing Pro Series? Watch the videos to learn more, or visit their website through the button below to get started!


What is Marketing Series Pro?


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