Beginning today, all ICREX users have the opportunity to explore a temporary Full Access account for no charge for 30 days! Learn about the benefits and features you can receive by upgrading your subscription for only $35 per month* for free for a limited time!

To gain access to your free ICREX Full Access Guest Account, simply reply to this email (or directly email Samantha Cotten) and say:

“Please send me log in information for the ICREX Full Access Guest Account.”

That’s it! It’s that simple. You will receive the temporary log in information for your ICREX Full Access Guest account.

Keep in mind, some rules do apply:

  • The ICREX Full Access Guest Account does not replace your current ICREX subscription. Guest Account users may not list properties using the guest account, but only use the account to explore the data layers. Anyone who misuses the ICREX Guest Account will have their Basic Access subscription suspended for 30 days.
  • ICREX Full Access Guest Accounts must be requested between Dec. 3-21. The ICBR Offices will be closed between Dec. 24-Jan. 1.
  • All ICREX Full Access Guest Accounts will be deactivated on Dec. 31, 2012.
  • ICREX Full Access Guest Accounts must adhere to ICREX rules & regulations.

Learn more about ICREX at or on the ICBR website. Want to purchase a Full Access subscription for 2013? Contact Samantha Cotten to upgrade your account!

*Full Access subscriptions are paid on an annual ($420) or quarterly ($120/quarter) basis.