ICREX Catylist  New Technology Trainings

We strongly recommend you attend an ICREX Training (broker and admin) to learn about the New Technology Features coming at the end of July. The ICREX site has upgrades with new Moody’s Analytics and Catylist efficiencies and enhanced features.

Choose a time convenient to you: all trainings below are in Eastern time

July 12 – 11 am-noon: Training for Company Admins
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/97784704736
Meeting ID: 977 8470 4736

July 13 – 11 am-noon: Training for Brokers
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/99392248791
Meeting ID: 993 9224 8791

July 13 – 1-2 pm: Training for Brokers
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/92461041203
Meeting ID: 924 6104 1203

July 20 – 11am-noon: Training for Brokers
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/91027058688
Meeting ID: 910 2705 8688

July 20 – 1-2 pm: Training for Brokers
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/93149290589
Meeting ID: 931 4929 0589

July 28 – 11am-noon: Training for Brokers
Meeting URL: https://moodys.zoom.us/j/97554521658
Meeting ID: 975 5452 1658

Prior to the new technology being live, there are a few items for your review to make the transition run smoothly for you as the subscriber.

  1. Verify the pin is placed correctly on the map on your Legacy site (the existing site) listings.
  2. DO NOT ADD or EDIT your Listings in the new technology during the Parallel login time (July 13-27). Contact Nancy Allen, Nancy.Allen@moodys.com and/or the Help Desk, Help@Catylist.com to assist if you see something that isn’t correct. New listings will be in the Legacy system – those listings will continue to sync.
  3. Review Legacy Listings to ensure they are not incomplete. Incomplete Listings will not sync to the new site.
  4. Business Opportunity is not available on the new site. If you are able to publicly market your Biz Opp, change the property type to Retail and add an address on the Legacy site.  This will allow for the Biz Opp to sync to the new site.

If there are questions, please contact Ashley Shank, ashank@myicbr.org or Lisa Moore, lmoore@myicbr.org.