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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICREX?

The Indiana Commercial Real Estate Exchange (ICREX) provides Indiana brokers and commercial real estate professionals with accurate data in a powerful, easy-to-use technology solution.

Accurate Data Listings are updated regularly by brokers for the most up-to-date information available for the market. Plus, there are more than 182,000 comparables and building and land record data available to subscribers. ICREX doesn‘t change listing data or add outdated researched listings so you can rely on the accuracy of information found on ICREX.

Bringing Brokers Together to Promote Your Listings ICREX is connected to 50+ markets in the Catylist network giving you access to more information and sharing your listings nationally. Listings are also marketed on driving traffic to your properties. ICREX provides powerful tools to connect and collaborate with brokers.

Tools for Efficiency Find, catalog, report on, and share listings quickly and easily to make your job more efficient.

ICREX Website

Who can subscribe to ICREX?
  • ICBR members (REALTOR® members, Partner Members, Appraisers and Government/Economic Development Corporations).
  • Non-REALTOR® licensed brokers (CREA-Indiana members).
  • Out of state REALTORS®
How can ICREX help my business?
ICREX is more than just a listing site, it is a comprehensive marketing tool for you and your properties. Dedicated strictly to commercial real estate, the site brings in the traffic you want and need. Subscribers can access comps, market data and marketing tools.
Who can view my listings?
The public may search ICREX property listings and subscribers for free, no login is required. In addition, all ICREX subscribers have access to the database of listings and users.
Is ICREX mobile friendly?
Yes! ICREX is set up with adaptive viewing for mobile phones and tablets. Subscribers may also opt-in to receive instant inquiries via SMS/text message.
How does a broker use ICREX?
As a commercial information exchange, brokers use ICREX as a tool to post properties for sale or lease. However, it is much more than a listing tool. ICREX offers the collection of property data, tools to manage and analyze that data, mapping features, demographics, high resolution photos and more.
How does the public use ICREX?
Unlike other commercial listing services, the public may search ICREX for free and without having to create an account. Subscribers’ listings are available to the public through many simple search and filter options. The public does not have access to any market data or information beyond listings. That is strictly a benefit to brokers using the CIE.
What tools does ICREX have to help me with my listings?
ICREX allows subscribers to input an unlimited number of listings. Subscribers can access sales and lease comparables, market statistics, customized reports and brochures, generate market analysis and utilize search engine optimized profiles with detailed resume and experience fields.
I'm already a member of another Board of REALTORS®, do I have to join ICBR to get access to ICREX?
Yes. ICREX subscriptions are open to all licensed REALTORS® and non-REALTOR® brokers. Members of other boards may join ICBR as a secondary REALTOR® and subscribe to ICREX.
Can I add my own comps?
Yes. Subscribers of ICREX may enter their own comps. Data is also verified by and collected from the state of Indiana. Sales/lease comparables are updated quarterly and building/land records are updated annually.
We use our company website to show listings. Can we link ICREX to our website?
Yes. The Catylist platform uses SiteLink* to offer companies the option to integrate active listings for specific agents or companies into your website without re-entering information. Everything is sync’d in real-time. *Available for an additional fee
What exposure can ICREX provide? receives on average 4600 visits per month.
How do I subscribe?
If you are interested in becoming a member and subscribing, please visit our membership page. If you are already a member, you can add an ICREX subscription at any time.