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2020 Indiana Commercial Real Estate Conference On-Demand

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Welcome to the 2020 Indiana Commercial Real Estate Conference On-Demand!

Included in this package are 6 online lessons, each are worth 2 Regular Broker Credits (some lessons are also Managing Broker Credit eligible so Managing Brokers can obtain their 4 needed credits).

You may select the webinars in any order from the 6 available. You must complete viewing webinar first, then the quiz, and last the course evaluation in order to complete the lesson. Your CEU certificate will be available only when you have finished ALL of the lessons. Once available, you will see a link to download your certificate at the top of this page.


  • Once you have started a webinar, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER OR CLICK ON ANY OTHER LINKS! If you leave the page, you will be required to start the video from the beginning. You may pause the video at any time.
  • We recommend to download the course materials BEFORE watching the video. Once the video is complete, you will want to immediately take the quiz and evaluation for that course.
  • Course Access will expire after June 30th, please ensure you have allotted enough time to complete each 2 hour course.