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Brad King


Each month, ICBR honors one of its members as Member of the Month. This month, we recognize ICBR Legislative Committee member, Brad King. Brad is a broker with RE/MAX Ability Plus, Commercial Division, and is the MIBOR Representative for the ICBR Board of Directors.

ICBR: Why are you an ICBR member? What do you look to gain out of your membership?

King: ICBR is a great professional association that is focused on making my industry better in Indiana. It’s important for me to have access to tools and benefits that make my client’s transactions smoother, and getting access to those through a strong association keeps my costs down. Once ICBR launched ICREX as an additional benefit, it really strengthened the value of the membership.

ICBR: How did you start your career in commercial real estate?

King: I actually started working in the commercial real estate field in 1994 (20 years ago!) when I joined the City of Indianapolis and worked in the Department of Metropolitan Development. At the time, I don’t think I identified that I was working in the “commercial real estate” world, but I certainly was looking back on it. I then moved on to the Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation in 1997, and started in sales in 2005.

ICBR: Do you have any mentors? If so, who? How has he/she inspired you?

King: Probably not mentors, but certainly important influencers. It’s always been about observing and listening. I’ve taken a little here from one person, a little there from another and tried to blend all of the good things together into a process that works well for me. Start my career with former Mayor Goldsmith was a great beginning. Some local people that I credit for influencing me along the way include Tamara Zahn, June Midkiff, Gerry Dick, Ace Yakey, Mike Alley, George Dury and Steve Wolkoff. They’ve each inspired me in different ways, from learning how to plan, how to take advice, how to execute, how to negotiate, when to push and importantly, when to hold back, and how to lead.

ICBR: What is the most important thing you have learned by working in commercial real estate?

King: I need to qualify this part. From a business perspective, the most important thing I’ve learned is that what we do is VITAL to our clients. We get to move on to the next transaction, but our clients now either own or sold an asset, signed a lease, added on to ta building or something else quite impactful to them, their families and their companies. Typically, I’m proud of how we all behave toward our clients, customers and each other.

From a personal perspective, I’ve learned that what we do in commercial real estate allows us to provide for ourselves, families and employees. And most importantly, it allows us to give back. It allows us to contribute money, resources and time to just and worthy causes that strengthen our communities and create opportunities where there may not have been any. I’ll always like that part the best.

ICBR: Current professional goal(s)?

King: I love to learn, so any way I can do that always gets my attention. My approach is very simple. I want to get better at what I do every day. Sometimes that means reaching out to a colleague or referral partner to help me with a transaction issue that I’ve never encountered. I also want to complete my CCIM coursework by 2015 and continue to take advantage of learning opportunities made available by ICBR, RE/MAX, NAR and others.

ICBR: Most recent accomplishment?

King: I wanted to participate in a leadership function within the industry, and in 2010 I was invited to join the Board of Directors for both the Indiana Commercial Board of REALTORS (ICBR) and the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS (MIBOR). I’m now in my third year on both Boards and serve as the liaison between the groups. In late 2012, I was elected to also serve on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Association of REALTORS (IAR), and just this month I completed MIBOR’s year-long REAL (Real Estate Academy of Leadership) program.

ICBR: Do you have any special skills, interests or hobbies?

King: I like to do research and coach others on how to dig for information. I also like history, and I discovered genealogy many years ago and am still building my database. I also enjoy going to the late, and sailing is my favorite way to spend time around the water.

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