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Rachel Romary

Each month, ICBR honors one of its members in a special Member Spotlight. This month we recognize Rachel Romary, with Bradley Company

ICBR: Why are you an ICBR member? What do you look to gain out of your membership?

Rachel RomaryRomary: I became an ICBR member to be part of the Commercial Real Estate Brokers network, to ensure I am receiving quality continuing education and to have access to specific commercial resources in our industry.

ICBR: Describe a time you used an ICBR member benefit, and how it helped you or your company.

Romary: I have utilized ICREX to help locate property comparables for my clients who are looking to expand in different markets where I would not normally have comp access.

ICBR: How did you start your career in commercial real estate/development?

Romary: I was first exposed to commercial real estate in 2010.  Close friends of mine purchased a division of a national company and was in need of a new location.  They hired me to scout out the perfect building to suit their needs and they are still there today.

ICBR: Do you have any mentors? If so, who? How has he/she inspired you?

Romary: Stan Phillips has been my mentor since moving to Bradley Company in December 2015. Stan has a wealth of knowledge in the retail industry and a dominant presence in our market. It is an honor to learn and work with him.

ICBR: What is the most important thing you have learned by working in commercial real estate?

Romary: Not to take myself, or anyone else too seriously. Business is business, and at the end of the day, if we can all shake hands and get the deal closed, we’ve done our jobs.

ICBR: What is your current professional goal(s)?

Romary: My current goal is to help build our retail team to have the strongest retail presence in Northern Indiana in the areas of property listings and tenant representation.

ICBR: What is your most recent accomplishment?

Romary: I feel that my most recent professional accomplishment has been to figure out my niche being in the retail market and surrounding my self with the best team to help me achieve my goal.

ICBR: Special interests or hobbies?

Romary: I really enjoy spending time with my children, family and friends in my spare time.  I also like to be outside golfing, boating, running, going to sporting events, etc…  I’m a very social person, so I enjoy being part of the crowd.

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