Commercial CE On-Demand: Programming

2023 CE Programming

Economic Forecast: No crystal ball included! (Two-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker CE)

  • Phil Powell | Indiana University
  • James Cook | JLL
This course zooms in on what we know about inflation, workforce challenges, how retail plays a part in the economy, and what previous recessions have taught us as we make business decisions and help our clients.

CRE Legal Issues & Distressed Assets (Two-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker CE)

  • Mitch Doner | Bradley Company
  • Jonathan M. Hardy | Bradley Company
  • Martha Lehman | Amundsen Davis
  • Matt Nolley | Dentons Bingham Greenebaum
Learn how to smoothly facilitate transactions and use due diligence from a legal point of view. As the economy changes, this session strategizes how what brokers need to know when it comes to distressed assets and the REO process.

How CRE is impacted by Education and Healthcare Needs (Two-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker CE)

Education Panelists:
  • Chris Cockerham | Moderator; F.C. Tucker Bloomington
  • Dennis Bland, Esq. | Center for Leadership Deveopment
  • Martha Cortes | KIPP
  • Betsy Delgado | Goodwill
  • Keenanna Warren, Ph.D. | Purdue Polytechnic High Schools
Healthcare Panelists:
  • Chris Cockerham | Moderator; F.C. Tucker Bloomington
  • Dave Harstad | Colliers Bloomington
  • Keith Konkoli | Meyer Nejam
  • Jenner Lillibridge | Arc Design
Two panels do a deep dive into the real estate needs of education in order to help educate various populations of Hoosiers and how the healthcare real estate continues to grow despite inflation and rising cost of construction and renovations. Learn how space is evolving and how education and healthcare groups are incorporating the latest technology.

Property Management in a Changing World (One-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker CE)

  • Dee Headley, CCIM, CPM | Moderator; Cushman & Wakefield
  • Melissa Day | Cushman & Wakefield
  • Gordon Dowrey | Cushman & Wakefield
  • Lauren Kane | Barrett & Stokely
  • Whitney Rump, CPM | Cushman & Wakefield
  • Greg Shadday | Cushman & Wakefield
  • Cheri Shepherd | Cushman & Wakefield
Learn about top-of-mind Property Management adjustments, workforce needs, and trends to be on the lookout for.

Tax Planning for CRE Transactions (One-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker/Managing Broker CE)

  • Dan Kraft | VonLehman
VonLehman provides tips and tricks to maximize your business and the clients you serve by reviewing changes in tax planning.

CRE Best Practices: Early Career and Vendor Relationship Panels (Two-Part Session; 2 Regular Broker/Managing Broker CE)

Early Career Panelists:
  • Julie Ashmore | Moderator; Ashmore Consulting
  • Brandon Borah | Tinitas Ventures
  • Josey McLaughlin | Hahn Kiefer Real Estate Services
  • Madison Wallace | Bradley Company Fort Wayne
CRE Partner Panelists:
  • Joshua Abrams | Moderator; Bradley Company Indianapolis
  • Ashley Johnson | First Appraisal Group Inc.
  • Hitesh Patel | Midwest Design Group
  • John Randall | Live Oak Bank
Prepare to be inspired by two panels as they share key takeaways in building their careers and why relationships with those in the commercial real estate ecosystem are more important than ever.