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Primary Realtor Membership


Thank you for your interest in primary REALTOR® membership with ICBR! By becoming a Primary REALTOR®, you automatically receive membership with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)*, Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) and ICBR, and receive a host of benefits at all three levels. You are about to begin your application process.

Already a REALTOR® member with another Indiana board? Click here.

As a member of ICBR you will receive:

*If a Managing Broker is a member of a board of REALTORS® (such as ICBR), NAR requires all brokers in that firm to become members of a Board of REALTORS®. In addition, ICBR only requires brokers practicing commercial real estate to join ICBR under that policy. However the non-commercial brokers actively listing, selling, leasing, etc. must still join a board of REALTORS® under the NAR policy. ICBR Bylaws require Primary REALTOR® members to be managing brokers or their managing broker must already belong to a board of REALTORS®. If your managing broker holds their primary membership with another board of REALTORS®, and you are applying for primary REALTOR® membership with ICBR, they must be a Secondary REALTOR® member of ICBR. Secondary REALTOR® members must already hold Primary REALTOR® membership in good standing with another board of REALTORS®. Regardless of your type of REALTOR® classification (Primary or Secondary) with ICBR, you receive the same benefits.
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