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2020 Legislation Affecting Commercial Realtors

Public Law 32 (effective July 1, 2020) Permits real-estate licensees to do business through a personal limited liability company (LLC), provided that the LLC is owned solely by the licensee […]

Commercial Real Estate Trends 2018 & Beyond

by Belinda D. Schuster, CCIM, NWI Commercial Real Estate According to a twenty two page report by Deloitte “Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2018”, the commercial real estate industry will require more […]

“The Price is Right” CRE edition

by Belinda D. Schuster, CCIM, NWI Commercial Real Estate One of the first challenges I met when beginning my career in commercial real estate was determining the selling price of a […]

Capital Replacement Costs

Submitted by Parthenon Commercial Group The costs associated with commercial buildings, condominiums, home owners’ associations, etc., come in multiple forms. As noted in our previous article, reserve studies can help […]

Choose your path to Membership

In January, the Commercial Real Estate Alliance (CREA) launched, giving licensed brokers a new opportunity to become part of Indiana’s Commercial Real Estate Network. CREA is an affiliate organization of […]

Understanding Reserve Studies

By Patty Thornberry, Parthenon Commercial Corp What is it? A reserve study is a two-part review of a property/association comprised of the following: (i) an assessment of the physical condition […]

Selling Grandpa’s Corner Gas Station

By Tai T. Hubbard, LPG, Hydrogeology, Inc.   The old man might be gone, but the smell of the old gasoline service station lingers.  Based on location the property could list […]

Your Licensed…Now What?

By Troy Tornatta, Hahn Kiefer Real Estate Services Last time, we talked about the steps you must take to get your own real estate license.  And although that is a […]